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The Oxford Mindfulness Centre is proud to work with others working to make mindfulness widely available.


Action for Happiness “Action for Happiness is a movement of people committed to building a happier society. We want to see a fundamentally different way of life where people care less about what they can get for themselves and more about the happiness of others.”

Mindfulness in Schools Project “Mindfulness in Schools Project is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to encourage, support and research the teaching of secular mindfulness in schools”

Mindfulness for NGOs Alessandra Pigni is dedicated to “bringing the art of mindfulness-based stress reduction and burnout prevention training to aid workers and NGOs back home and in the field”

Mindfulness-based Childbirth and Parenting Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Program (MBCP) was created by midwife Nancy Bardacke, CNM in California, USA.

Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. The home of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Mindfulness Works Mindfulness training in the workplace from Michael Chaskalson and others.

Mindfulnet attempts to gather “everything you need to know about mindfulness in one place”.

Ridgeway Mindful Psychology Mindfulness Courses and Consultancy in Swindon and surrounding areas

Bodhi College  is a partnership that supports our work of bridging ancient wisdom of foundational traditions such as Buddhism with contemporary science. Bodhi College offers an ethical and philisophical framework for those practising mindfulness in today’s world by drawing on the early teachings of the Buddha before they became codified into the doctrines of the different Buddhist traditions.

Therapeutic Services and Professional Development for Health Professionals


UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainers The Oxford Mindfulness Centre is  a founder-member of MTUK. The network meets annually to develop consensus on Good Practice Standards for teaching mindfulness-based courses and for training others to teach them.

Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre is a specialist agency within Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, with a brief to provide specialist CBT training and services.

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust The OMC provides MBCT for people with depression and anxiety related conditions for the local health service.

St Andrew’s Healthcare  A Charity leading innovation in mental health. OMC provides MBCT teacher training for their health professionals.

UK Universities


University of Aberdeen Offers a Study in Mindfulness programme for professionals (PGCert, PGDip and MSc).

University of Bangor The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice is based in the School of Psychology and is committed to the promotion of wellbeing through the application of mindfulness-based approaches. This is achieved by training professionals in the application of mindfulness based approaches and researching applications of mindfulness. They also offer classes in mindfulness based stress reductions (MBSR) and mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) to specific populations and the general public both locally and further afield.

University of Exeter Offers a suite of postgraduate training programmes in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapies and Approaches aimed at developing competence in established evidence-based applications, especially for the prevention of relapse in recurrent major depression, but also for other client groups in physical and mental healthcare settings. It also offers a series of workshops to support those with an interest in mindfulness-based applications to develop their knowledge and skills.

Other Charities


SANE built the Prince of Wales International Centre that the Oxford Mindfulness Centre occupies.

Mental Health Foundation is the UK’s leading mental health research, policy and service improvement charity and runs the Be Mindful Campaign to promote MBCT and MBSR.

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust aims to raise awareness of depression and fights stigma so that people stay mentally well and get the help they need.  The Trust supports the development of evidence based treatments and the emerging evidence regarding the benefits of mindfulness in schools is of particular interest as a preventative measure.

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