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Mindful Nation UK Report Launch


View the Mindful Nation UK report here


An open letter from Chris Ruane, Honorary President of the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group and Trustee of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre


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Gandhi’s sage advice on how to bring about change in the world.


On 20th October, politicians from all political parties attended the launch of ‘Mindful Nation UK’, a Parliamentary report into the uses of mindfulness in education, health, criminal justice and the workplace. This report weaved the true life stories of those who have benefited from mindfulness with the closely referenced science in these areas of public policy.


We at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre are proud of the work of Professor Mark Williams and Chris Cullen (both of the OMC) who started the Parliamentary mindfulness ball rolling three years ago. Chris and Mark have helped 115 MPs and Lords to develop their own personal mindfulness practice over the past three years, planting mindfulness at the heart of British politics. These politicians have personally witnessed the power and benefit of mindfulness and now want to spread the use of mindfulness into public policy in a non-partisan, cooperative and collegiate way.


The Mindful Nation UK report is the result of the work of dozens of mindfulness scientists, practitioners and professionals from a range of backgrounds who have given their time freely over the past two years to develop this impressive report.


Mindful nation UK reportThe launch was attended by senior politicians and ministers and  presents the best opportunity ever to present this convincing evidence to the very people who make and deliver policy. There will be similar launches in the regions across the UK taking the powerful message to devolved parliaments and assemblies.


Prime Minister David Cameron, following the example of other leaders around the world, introduced the measurement of wellbeing as a key indicator of the state of the nation. Mindfulness should and will be at the heart of improving wellbeing.


We are at a cross roads. Success here could influence public policy towards mindfulness across the world. Well done to all involved in making this happen.


Chris Ruane

Honorary President of the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group and Trustee, Oxford Mindfulness Foundation.


View the Mindful Nation UK report here

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