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Science of MBCT – Summer School 2016


OMC Summer School draft 1

On Wednesday morning Willem Kuyken, Ruth Baer and Catherine Crane will jointly present a session on the science of MBCT. Catherine said, “We are really excited to be including this session on research in the 2016 summer school and hope it will provide a valuable addition to the programme.  During the session we will consider how we define and measure mindfulness, both in our research and our teaching, provide an overview of the current state of the evidence on the effectiveness of MBCT for depression and review some of the prominent psychological models used to understand the mechanisms through which mindfulness training has its effects”.


During the weekend prior to the summer school a group of international scientists will be holding a two day meeting to discuss the current challenges and opportunities in the MCBT field. Catherine added, “during our summer school session we will summarise the main outcomes of this scientific meeting, share the challenges highlighted by those at the forefront of the MBCT field and identify the fundamental research priorities going forward. We hope everyone will come away from the session with a clearer understanding of what we already know about MBCT, what the key outstanding questions are and, more importantly be left with a feeling of curiousity and excitement about the potential answers to these important questions that will emerge in the years to come!”.


Discover the OMC Summer School 2016

You can read an outline for the week of the Summer School here


The OMC Summer School 2016 will bring together the three developers of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, Zindel Segal, Mark Williams and John Teasdale.

Other presenters include leaders of MBCT research and practice Rebecca Crane, Ruth Baer, Willem Kuyken, Catherine Crane and Chris Cullen.


You can read about the speakers at the Summer School here



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