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Sharon Salzberg Workshop 24 April

Sharon Salzberg – 24 April 2013 – £125

Venue: Assembly Room, Oxford Town Hall, St Aldate’s, Oxford OX1 1BX

Time: Registration from 9.30am, start 10:00am, close 16.30pm

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has stated, “My true religion is kindness.” Although kindness can be mistakenly seen as simplistic and weak, it has an inherent power to transform our worldview from one of fear and isolation to one rooted in clarity, courage, and compassion.

“The practice of lovingkindness meditation brings to life our innate capacity for connecting to ourselves and others,” states Salzberg.

Through talks, guided meditations, and questions and answers, Sharon Salzberg explores the cultivation of kindness in our hearts and minds.

This one-day workshop is based around Sharon Salzberg’s The Kindness Handbook, and follows the book’s three-part structure: (1) the foundation of kindness, (2) its entry, and (3) its daily expression.

Professor Mark Williams, Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, will join Sharon at the end of the day for a panel discussion and questions and answers session.

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