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Seven-Day Training Retreat-March 2014

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

A Seven-Day Training Retreat

23rd March – 29th March 2014

Melanie Fennell, Marie Johansson, Timothy Sweeney, &

Christina Surawy

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Provided through OCTC.

Venue: Ammerdown Centre, Radstock, Somerset

The intention of this 7-day residential training retreat, held in the peaceful setting of the Ammerdown Centre in Somerset, is to provide clinicians with direct experience of the 8-session programme of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and to offer opportunities to practise teaching elements of MBCT to one another, with supervision from the instructors. MBCT combines meditation practice with techniques from cognitive therapy in an innovative and effective relapse prevention treatment for recurrent depression, now recommended in NICE guidelines. Recent pilot studies suggest that it can also be helpful to patients with a range of problems, both emotional and physical.

The retreat will be facilitated by highly experienced practitioners of MBCT, based in the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and Oxford University, and offers an opportunity to explore the approach in depth.

Participants are expected to have some prior knowledge and experience of mindfulness and of cognitive therapy, and to have a serious interest in bringing MBCT into their lives and work. Participants should already have attended (as a minimum) an introductory workshop on mindfulness-based approaches, and should have a regular, established mindfulness meditation practice.

The programme reflects the integration of personal practice and professional application that is central to the approach. It includes a blend of didactic, experiential and small group work. Specific themes and areas of focus will include:

• The seamless cultivation of mindfulness throughout the workshop, through formal and informal practices, both in silence and in conversation and dialogue
• An overview of the development of MBCT and the theory underpinning it, and a review of research supporting its clinical value
• Mindful approaches to the experience and expression of pain, depression, stress and anxiety within ourselves and those with whom we work
• Experiencing enough mindfulness meditation practice and self-inquiry to understand the importance of being a practitioner before starting to work with mindfulness as a clinician
• Opportunities to practice teaching key meditation practices, with feedback from fellow participants and from the instructors.

Provided through OCTC

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