What's here, right now?
The Oxford Mindfulness Centre runs a programme of events, courses and classes to fulfill our charitable objective of widening access to MBCT.

Introductory Courses

The OMC’s mindfulness courses teach skills for paying attention with friendly curiosity to what’s happening in the mind, the body, and in our surroundings. Present-moment awareness help us understand our automatic patterns, respond skilfully to stress and difficulties, appreciate moments of joy, contentment, and gratitude, and stay balanced through life’s ups and down.

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Workshops and Masterclasses

Workshops and masterclasses run by the OMC are directed by leaders in their field, within mindfulness training, teaching and research. These classes offer continuing professional development in teaching MBCT and in specialist areas of applying mindfulness training.

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Foundational Training - Monthly

Foundational Training is part of the OMC's Teacher Training Pathway.

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Foundational Training - Blocks

Foundational Training in Teaching MBCT in a block format.

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The OMC regularly hosts seminars on research topics, featuring guest speakers from across the academic community.

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Summer School

Join our Summer School, developing the field, sharing new knowledge and building community.

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