2018 Bursary Recipients

Our 2018 bursary recipients were:

Ana Ribeiro, UK

Anni Kuusik, Estonia 

Claire-Louise Symonds, UK

Dean Francis, UK

Deborah Murphy, UK

Germaine Tan, Singapore

Seden Karakurt, Turkey

Maja Maraž, Slovenia

Claudete Merron,

All applications were evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Can demonstrate commitment to widening access to MBCT, ideally evidenced with a track record.
  2. Is in a position to offer MBCT to populations and in contexts where there are barriers to access. E.g. in areas of deprivation or specialist groups with limited funding.
  3. Has suitable training for working with and experience of this population/context.
  4. Does not have funding from their employer, a grant or elsewhere and would otherwise be self-funding.
  5. Is able to meet the Good Practice Guidelines to be listed as an MBCT teacher, or are eligible to be listed, and are considering applying. For international applicants this is for MBCT teachers who meet either their country’s good practice guidelines or, within the MBCT Training Pathway, have completed foundational and intermediate training.
  6. Is willing to make a commitment to working with the OMC post-Summer School on widening access and working with diverse and/or vulnerable populations. This could include communicating through OMC media/social media about the work as an exemplar of good practice in this area.

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