Susan Hargreaves

Susan Hargreaves, a counsellor in Hong Kong primarily working with children with ADHD, autism or anxiety, was offered one of our bursaries to attend the 2017 Summer School. Here she talks about incorporating MBCT into classes for children and parents who present with anxiety, depression and trauma.

“The key motivation for attending the Summer School is to deepen my understanding and personal practice so I can better serve my community.”

A counsellor in Hong Kong, Susan currently incorporates MBCT into weekly Social Skills classes with children aged 6-9 and 9-11 who have ASD, ADHD and anxiety, combining MBCT with the Social Thinking curriculum by placing the intentions and practice of MBCT at the foundation of the curriculum.

She says, “the children’s learning has become richer, their relationships with themselves and others are more trusting, and they have a clearer understanding of their behaviour since the introduction of the core MBCT attitudes and intentions”. She has also used MBCT when working with individual children and parents who present with anxiety, emotional regulation, ASD, grief, and trauma and as a primary base for Parent Group Therapy.

During her work in HK Susan has developed strong connections with International Schools and NGO’s in Hong Kong that support teenagers and refugees. It is her intention to work with these NGO’s and International Schools to introduce 8 week MBCT courses to help treat anxiety, depression and introduce life skills.

Susan adds, “I wish to use mindfulness to improve my moment to moment awareness so I can fully embody mindful attitudes more often and more deeply. Attending Summer School at the OMC should prepare me more fully to teach underprivileged teenagers, refugees, and students at International schools who live in a constant state of anxiety and stress. I also wish to deepen my academic knowledge, and become a better mindfulness practitioner”.

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Find out how you can attend the 2017 Summer School, 28 August – 1 September at St Hugh’s College, Oxford.