Heena Kamble

We provided 5 places at the OMC Summer School 2016 to MBCT researchers. Bursary places were open to early career researchers with no more than 5 years postdoctoral experience who were conducting research into Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy or related interventions. Heena Kamble was one of the bursary holders.

Heena Kamble is a PhD Research Scholar at the Department of Applied Psychology and Counselling Centre, University of Mumbai.

“The Summer School has helped me widen my knowledge in the field of mindfulness as a researcher, and has helped me deepen my own experiences as a human being.”


What did you get out of your attendance at the Summer School?

The biggest takeaway for me at an affective level was a renewed sense of friendliness and compassion, that was backed up by the plethora of knowledge and research findings (at a cognitive level) given by the humble panel of speakers. “Guard your intentions,” and “It’s all about listening”, as repeatedly said by Chris Cullen, is something that I follow to this day.

Attending the Summer School has helped me widen my knowledge in the field of mindfulness as a researcher, and has helped me deepen my own experiences as a human being. Meeting so many like-minded people from across the globe, who share same goals and interests, was unexpected, and hence, elating. The conception and execution of the “World Café” on the last day was very impressive – it gave an effective momentum to the exchange of dialogue, ideas and perspectives. Really grateful to OMC for considering me worth the bursary, and giving me the opportunity for being a part of summer school 2016.

[Chris Cullen will be leading a session on the Buddhist perspective, Self and Not-Self, at the 2017 Summer School.]

What research/work are you currently undertaking in MBCT or related fields?

I am currently doing my PhD in mindfulness in the workplace, trying to study the impact of mindfulness on the life skills and work engagement levels amongst corporate managers in Mumbai, India; along with how mindfulness can be used to create an ethical workplace. Also, I have planned to study the impact of mindfulness in the field of health and education for my future work.

How did it help with your career/professional development?

India being the home of Buddhist teachings, wherein mindfulness has its roots; the knowledge about the existence of Vipassana as taught by Buddha is abundant, but the knowledge of the existence of MBCT and MBSR is sparse. Owing to this, I came to the Summer School with my own doubts about the effectiveness of MBCT and allied forms. However, attending the Summer School helped me clear all my doubts, and has provided an enriching view to the concept of mindfulness, that has to have both eastern and western elements, and rightfully so. I have been using the knowledge and experience obtained from the Summer School to take care of the scepticism surrounding mindfulness in my own little ways, along with my own research work.

I really wish OMC summer school’s bursary scheme helps many other budding researchers and teachers, just the way it has helped me.

For information on our bursary scheme for the Summer School in 2017, click here.