Nicky Mouat

We provided 5 places at the OMC Summer School 2016 to MBCT teachers, who could demonstrate that they would use the Summer School experience to widen access and participation in MBCT. Nicky Mouat was one of the bursary holders.

Nicky is a Mental Health Nurse and Mindfulness teacher. She works in the NHS at Pavilions Drug and Alcohol Service, where she has been facilitating Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention courses, and holding a weekly drop in for Service Users and Staff. She has a particular interest in working with Service Users with ‘Dual Diagnosis’ (Substance Misuse and Mental Health Issues), and the way that Mindfulness can be helpful to this client group.

“It opened my eyes to a community that I would not have had access to otherwise.”

What did you get out of your attendance at the Summer School?

I loved the Summer school. I really enjoyed meeting Mindfulness Teachers from around the world and just having the space to relish immersing myself in discussion and practice. I was particularly interested in the session on how to reach hard to reach communities as my work is with people with Substance Misuse issues, which is often tied up with limited access to resources and homelessness.

Did the Summer School experience help you to widen access and participation in MBCT?

I think that the summer school enabled me to really think about the access issue, and I have sought to expand my work into working more in the community with this client group (as well as my current work teaching Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention in the NHS). Since the Summer School I have begun teaching at The Recovery College in Brighton, which is a college for people with mental health issues. The model is wonderful as it includes ‘Peer Trainers’ as teachers. I teach an Introduction to Mindfulness Course alongside a service user who has directly benefited from Mindfulness and his teaching incorporates this experience.

I was very grateful to the OMC for funding my place at the Summer School. It opened my eyes to a community that I would not have had access to otherwise.


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