Emma Ting WONG

 Received Competency Assessment (Stage 6), Supervisor

  • Listing ID: 15721
  • Languages: Chinese (Cantonese / Mandarin), English
  • Teaching Setting: General public, health settings
  • Biography: I am a clinical psychologist and a Jungian Analyst with more than 20 years of clinical experience. My PhD was in Clinical Health Psychology. Having mindfulness practice since 2003, I also underwent various mindfulness-based training including MBCT, MBCT-L, Mindful parenting, Mindfulness Matters, MYmind, and was awarded the Certificate of Competence to teach MBCT by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre in 2020. I also completed MBCT supervision workshop organized by the Hong Kong Centre for Mindfulness and MBI supervision training level I by the Mindfulness Network. I offered MBCT and other Mindfulness-based programmes to various groups including health care professionals and trainees, clinical populations, general public, children and adolescents as well as parents. Programme modalities include in-person, online and hybrid modes. Being a Mindfulness practitioner, I bring Mindfulness to individual psychotherapy and to the Jungian community too. I have a passion for cultural sensitivity as well as professional ethics and integrity in supervision and teacher training. I am based in London but mainly serve the Chinese speaking (Cantonese and Mandarin) community worldwide.
  • Supervisor: Yes
  • Curriculum: MBCT
Contact details

UK / Hong KongUK ewmindfulness@gmail.com