Foundational Training in Teaching MBCT – Module 4 (Portugal)

Course details

How long is the Course?

6 days

When is the Course?

13th October - 18th October 2020

Who is the Course for?

Trainee MBCT teachers who have completed Modules 1-3 and all Foundational Masterclasses

Where is the Course?


How many people on this Course?


How much does this Course cost?

*Teaching fees: 1353 euro + VAT Accommodation and meals: 228 euro

Course Leader

Marion Furr & Maret Dymond

Foundational Training in Teaching MBCT – Module 4 (Portugal)

13th October – 18th October 2020

This non-residential Module 4 involves further teaching on the theory underpinning MBCT, and it’s adaptations; and learning to teach all the MBCT course elements to small groups with more advanced teach-backs and; beginning to understand the structure and developmental progression of MBCT over 8 weeks and beyond. Learning is informed by greater embodiment developed in Module 3.

Module 4 is the last component of Foundational Training to Teach MBCT in the block format. Completion of Modules 1, 2 and 3 is required in advance of attending Module 4. In order to fully benefit from the Module 4, participants ideally will have completed all Foundational Masterclasses prior to attendance. Where this is not possible, you may still attend, however completion of the Foundational Masterclasses is required before moving on to Step 2 of the training pathway.

*The fee is payable directly to the teacher once your application has been assessed and accepted.


Marion Furr is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist from London University and Mindfulness Teacher, Trainer and Supervisor who trained with both Bangor and Oxford Universities. From 2011 – 2016, as Chair of the UK Department of Health (DH) staff well-being programme she personally introduced Mindfulness to over 3,000 civil servants at the DH and across the UK Civil Service as a whole.  

Since moving to Portugal in 2016, Marion continues in her role as a Trustee and Associate for the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre (OMC) and as an adviser to the Mindfulness Initiative – an advocacy project, aimed at increasing awareness of how mindfulness can benefit society. Marion is OMC´s representative in Portugal. Working closely with Ser Integral she brings professional MBCT training to Portuguese and International mindfulness teachers, delivering Mindfulness Programmes, Mindfulness Teacher Training Programmes and Supervision. 

Additionally, from her home in the Algarve, she runs annual Mindfulness Teacher Retreats and monthly support groups for Mindfulness Teachers and Supervisors to maintain integrity in Teaching and Training. In 2019, she commenced a PhD at UALG with a research focus on Mindfulness. Marion is governed by and conforms to the standards set by the British Psychological Society and the Health and Care Professions Council. She is registered with ACCESS MBCT and conforms to the UK Guidelines for Mindfulness Based Teachers and Supervisors.


Maret Dymond is a mindfulness teacher, trainer of mindfulness teachers and a researcher, a Clinical Psychologist by profession. She has worked within industry, academia and the NHS. Maron hold two doctorates, one in clinical psychology (DClinPsych) from the University of Southampton and the second, a research doctorate (PhD), in perinatal psychology from the University of Reading. As well as her mindfulness work, she continues to offer psychological therapy and am particularly interested in exploring how MBCT and Cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT) maybe used together to help people firstly to recover from difficulties and then go onto flourish and live a live worth living.

She has been practising mindfulness meditation for over 15 years and for over 10 years, Maron have taught mindfulness courses for adults and children, within a variety of settings, including the NHS, other public sectors, the community and within the workplace. Maron’s mindfulness teachers have included Mark Williams, John Peacock, Melanie Fennell, Ferris Urbanowski and Nancy Bardacke; as well as her dear and wise colleagues at the OMC, with whom she has apprenticed and grown,  such as: Marie Johansson, Christina Surawy and Sian Warriner.