Summer School 2019 (Oxford – UK)

Summer school details

Summer School Title

Mindfulness: Practical Wisdom in Today's World

Summer School Leaders

Mark Williams, Ruth Baer, Chris Cullen and colleagues

How long is the Summer School?

5 days (non-residential)

Who is the Summer School for?

Mindfulness teachers, trainers and those training to teach

Where is the Summer School held?

St Hugh's College, Oxford

How many people on the Summer School


How much does the Summer School cost


Mindfulness: Practical Wisdom in Today’s World

Mindfulness provides trustworthy ways of resourcing oneself in the midst of personal, familial, social and cultural challenges and upheavals. A growing body of research evidence suggests that practising mindfulness quietens reactivity, builds resilience, enables clearer seeing and supports wiser and more compassionate responses.

This is the fifth year in which the OMC has hosted an International Mindfulness Summer School in Oxford, exploring the connections between practice, theory, teaching and research. This year we will be considering how programmes such as Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy can help to foster understanding, resilience and compassion, offering a practical wisdom that is both personal and collective, particular to situations and perennial.

We will hear about pioneering projects in diverse settings, and also consider both Western and Eastern philosophical underpinnings of contemporary mindfulness practice. Speakers will include Mark Williams, Ruth Baer and Chris Cullen.