Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World

This programme is based on the best-selling book, Mindfulness: Finding Peace in Frantic World. It is a highly accessible, engaging and practical introduction to mindfulness. We have developed a 6-session programme that teaches mindfulness skills and how to use these skills to improve mental health. It has been found to be effective with adults in workplaces, University students and school teachers.

The course’s themes include: Waking up the life you have; turning towards difficulties, and, trapped in the past or living in the present?

This course is for anyone who wants a structured, practical, and highly accessible introduction to mindfulness. It is appropriate for people new to mindfulness, anyone who has tried mindfulness apps or perhaps read a book and wants the structure of a course led by an experienced teacher.

We currently offer this course in the workplace and higher education sectors in partnership with organisations. If you would like to offer bespoke courses in your organisation in partnership with the OMC, please contact us at admin@oxfordmindfulness.org.


“The mindfulness course was really wonderful. It’s changed my attitude towards myself a lot and the regular practice has completely altered my relationship with my work. I feel a lot better about everything and a lot more able to manage things.”

“I have taken so much away from it both on a personal and professional level.”

“An exceptional programme!”

“This course had made such a difference for my (often very stressful) PhD life here at Oxford!”

“I learnt so much and have such a different perspective on my life and how I should live it now. I find joy in the little things and know I am prepared if things get tough.”

“It was inspirational. All I can say is thank you!”

“I was worried that the course would eat into the time for writing essays on that night of the week, but it let me focus on mindful choice about how to spend my time, which helped me write the essays!”

“This course is really useful for dealing with the cycle of stress and worries that students often experience.”

“Love it. It saved my sanity.”

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