The Oxford Mindfulness Foundation is recruiting for new trustees

The Oxford Mindfulness Foundation is recruiting for new trustees

The OMF Board of Trustees acts as guardian of the mission and are responsible for providing the infrastructure and support for the OMF

The OMF vision is a world in which there is universal access to mindfulness and a greater understanding and acceptability of the impact of mindful behaviour.

The vision extends to an aspiration for the integration of mindful behaviour and practice into everyday life, with teachers and champions in all areas of society sensitive to cultural appropriateness, using mindfulness and mindful approaches to support wellbeing both explicitly (via courses and training) and implicitly (in everyday work and ways of living).

The application process is open for all however we are especially looking for individuals with experience at senior level in digital delivery of training programmes, IT Security, fundraising and charities grant capture.

The current Board of Trustees is comprised of seven members with a variety of backgrounds relevant to the work of the Charity which meets every three months (three online and one in-person meeting each year). In addition, there are various advisory groups who support specific projects within the charity’s remit and provide feedback at board meetings.  The OMF trustee is voluntary role with travel expenses paid for in-person meetings.

The OMF is looking to recruit new members who are committed to the mission of improving lives through mindfulness and the practice of being mindful.

The OMF’s business plan objectives are focused on:

  1. Training mindfulness teachers

Directly with the public, and through international collaborations, the OMF will offer a range of comprehensive mindfulness teacher training programmes. Flexible training options increase the ability to engage with many sectors, offering support and context-specific training for those who have already trained to teach mindfulness.

  1. Providing the opportunity to experience and learn mindfulness

Through free sessions, podcasts, courses and other resources, the OMF will support beginners as well as those with experience to learn and develop their understanding of mindfulness and how mindful behaviours can be supportive and incorporated into daily life. This will also be offered both directly and through international partnerships, working to make courses accessible to all, being sensitive to cultural, geographical and financial differences.

  1. World class innovation and programme design

The OMF will collaborate with world leading experts to support new knowledge and research, asking important questions about how programmes are delivered, measuring effectiveness and how best to implement programmes in different environments.

If you are interested in applying to join the OMF as a trustee, please complete the below application form and return to the CEO (Sharon Hadley) by Friday 24th November 2023 @ 17:00