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Our Vision

Our vision is to help shape a world in which there is easy access to mindfulness and a greater understanding and acceptability of the impact of mindful behaviour. Over the years, our mission has expanded to helping people across society achieve greater well-being. We offer mindfulness programmes which include methods demonstrated effective through research – research-based mindfulness

Making Research-Based Mindfulness Accessible

The new Oxford Mindfulness app is a response to the recognition that in order to achieve our mission and vision, we need to continually develop ways to make research-based mindfulness as accessible as possible.

And, due to their convenience and portability, apps continue to be a popular way to learn and practice mindfulness.

About the App

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The Oxford Mindfulness app is designed for adults who wish to develop and maintain a mindfulness practice for their personal well-being or development. It will provide:

  • Access to mindfulness via a library of practices and live sessions, offered by teachers who have trained to teach in one of our listed research-based programmes
  • Self-paced introductory courses
  • Resources including up-to-date information and research from the field
  • Latest materials for those who have trained with the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation

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The app will be launched in September 2024, available via the iTunes and Google Play Stores in the UK and USA. Additional countries will be added frequently after initial launch.


The Visual Snow Initiative (VSI) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness, fostering research, and providing support for individuals affected by Visual Snow Syndrome. Research found Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy improved symptoms of Visual Snow Syndrome. After this discovery, Sierra Domb (CEO and Founder of VSI) reached out to us at Oxford Mindfulness and have gone on to sponsor this App

To read more about VSI, visit their website here.

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