Who am I?

There are several professional identities I carry: psychologist, executive coach, facilitator, mindfulness teacher, and consultant for organizational & leadership development with more than 30 years of experience. Since completing the Oxford MBCT MSt in 2014, I have deepened the integration of mindfulness methods and attitudes in self-leadership, in both the organisational and individual context. I am applying collective mindfulness tools to support our relating to others and the planet with open awareness and kind heart. 2020 has been the time to explore trauma-sensitive mindfulness and how to relate even more skillfully to pain and its healing integration.

What do I do?

Based in Switzerland, I predominantly run ‘Finding Peace in a Frantic World’ courses at the workplace (government, corporations, clinics, schools), and with members of the public. Over the last eight years, I have designed and delivered a variety of Mindful Leadership programmes for executives and a one-year course called ‘Mindfulness in Organizations’, integrating the eight-week training. As a coach and counselor for both individuals and teams, I integrate mindfulness-based interventions. As of 2021, I am happy to offer the new 12-module course ‘Mindfulness: Taking it Further’.

Being Swiss-Canadian, I am comfortable working in English and German.