Who Am I?

I am a clinical psychologist from Hong Kong, with training background in cognitive behavioral approach but currently adopting a Jungian approach.  I am also a Mindfulness teacher awarded the Certificate of Competence to teach MBCT by the OMC.  I have special interest in multi-cultural issues and professional ethics.




What I do?

I offer MBCT and other Mindfulness-based programmes to various groups including health care professionals and trainees, clinical populations, general public, children and adolescents as well as parents.  Programme modalities include in-person, online and hybrid modes.  Being a Mindfulness practitioner, I bring Mindfulness to individual psychotherapy too.  I have a passion for cultural sensitivity as well as professional ethics and integrity in supervision and teacher training.


我為不同的服務對象提供靜觀認知療法,包括醫護人員及實習生,不同臨床組別及普羅大眾;亦提供靜觀課程予兒童、青少年及家長。形式包括面授、網上及混合模式。 身為靜觀修習者,我亦把靜觀元素帶到在個人心理治療上。 同時,我也熱衷於文化和專業道德倫理操守在靜觀導師的培訓及督導發展。