I trained as a secondary school teacher in Australia and have had many years of senior roles in educational management in comprehensive schools, independent schools and further education colleges in England and Australia. I am a Lead Trainer and Partner for Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) in Australia and completed the MSt in MBCT (Oxon) in 2014. I helped deliver the development of the Gross National Happiness program and holistic assessment techniques, to schoolteachers, in Bhutan; trained teachers in the Oxford University Myriad research program; worked on an on-line Wellbeing program for teachers of gifted indigenous children with Professor Felicia Huppert for the Australian Catholic University and the NSW Education Department and delivered training to NHS workers, as part of a research project on MBCT, in the context of Health Visitors.

I am trained to teach the following courses: MBCT; Mindfulness: finding peace in the frantic world; Mindfulness for Life; Mindfulness: taking it further; Teach.b Foundations; Teach.b; Paws b; Mindfulness Program for Children (4 – 9 year olds); Mindfulness for Parents; Mindfulness in the Workplace.


I am Founder and Managing Director of Mindfulness Matters in Australia and the United Kingdom. Providing training and consultation for school leaders, teachers and educational organisations with the intention to embed mindfulness and compassion programs, based on MBCT, at each stage of every child’s journey through the education system. Developing and delivering a spiralling mindfulness, compassion and wellbeing curriculum linked to Australian educational standards, based on MBCT, for children aged 4-18 years old.  All courses have been endorsed by the NSW Educations Standards Authority for teachers in Australia for annual teacher accreditation of professional status. These courses are now coming to the United Kingdom.

Having developed a four-year MBCT course for young children and taught a range of programs to teachers in Australia during the past 5 years I am expanding my delivery online, so I can reach teachers in remote communities. In 2020 I will be delivering the courses for teachers of young children (4-9 years old) online.