Who am I?
I am a Mindfulness Trainer and Psychologist working towards getting my therapist credentials. I am trained in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Finding Peace in a Frantic World, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Compassion programs. I have a graduate degree in Organizational Psychology and completed my graduate thesis on mindfulness for workplace.

What I do?
After some years in the business as an HR professional, I had a change of heart and headed back to school to train in psychology. My decision took shape mainly after learning about mindfulness and realizing how it benefits mental health, life satisfaction, and wellbeing. I have experienced the benefits of practicing mindfulness in my own life and became a mindfulness advocate, committed to helping people overcome mental distress. I bring together psychology, evidence-based mindfulness and coaching to overcome mental suffering and promote wellbeing.

I founded Mindfulness Hareketi , a mindfulness training platform, where I regularly offer mindfulness courses and have facilitated many 8 weeks mindfulness programs, as well as shorter workshops and seminars. Additionally, I am delighted to partner with OMC to provide evidence-based programs for both personal and corporate clients. I am a lifelong student and continue various academic and professional training to deepen my knowledge and improve my skills. I believe in what I call my Cs, continuous learning, curiosity and compassion, and commit to live by these values.