Who am I?

I am qualified as a Medical Doctor in 1988, and then undertook a postgraduate CBT training in 2007-2010. I work in the corporate field at a company specialised to treat mental disorders as a Medical Advisor.

For many years I have had a special interest in the relationship between physical and mental health, and for the integrative mind-body practices, like mindfulness and ‘Do In’ exercises to improve wellbeing and prevent diseases. For the last 10 years meditation have been a very important part of my life. Having had a personal mindfulness practice for a number of years, I have had the gift to study from some remarkable teachers both from the OMC and worldwide.

I trained to teach MBCT in person and online through the OMC. Beside that I am a certified Do In teacher and I have completed several mindfulness courses focusing on specific area (including MBSR teacher development course, MBI supervision training, teaching mindfulness live online, mindful communication, trauma sensitive mindfulness).

What do I do?

I teach MBCT courses both in person and live online in non-clinical settings. I provide courses for company staffs and for members of the public.

I mentor individuals who have a meditation practice and supervise mindfulness teachers. I am leading meditation weekends and retreats in a secular context.

I teach in Budapest (Hungary) in person and internationally online on ZOOM platform in Hungarian and English.