Who am I?

Before my retirement in December 2013, I was a Professor of Clinical Psychology, Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and Wellcome Principal Research Fellow in the University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry. I worked with a great team to investigate why some people become suicidal when they get depressed, and others don’t. We used our new understandings of who was most at risk to adapt Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) to prevent new episodes of depression for those who were most vulnerable.

What do I do?

I teach for the Oxford Mindfulness Centre in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and participate in the Annual OMC Summer School held in Oxford each year. I am a Co-Principal Investigator – alongside Willem Kuyken, Tim Dalgleish and Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, for a Wellcome Trust Strategic Award – Myriad – which seeks to evaluate the effectiveness, cost effectiveness and mechanisms underlying a mindfulness in schools programme. My particular interest in the research is (a) how best to train teachers in mindfulness and (b) how best to train them to teach it to their students.