Who am I?

My Chinese name is 马嘉瞳。I’m an MBCT and MBSR teacher, the founder of Human-in-Motion (知舞方舟which focuses on organizing Dance/Movement Therapy courses and an Embodied Leadership/Facilitator Programme. I am also the founder of Shangshangnian (上上念)which focuses on Mindfulness Based Programs. I am a certified soft skills trainer/facilitator (Schouten/Netherlands/Beijing), counselor, detox-meditation teacher and coach.
2020 has been a challenging time to learn how to deal with uncertainty, family relationships, and reflecting on what is important in life.

What do I do?

Based in China Beijing, I predominately run MBCT, MBCT-L and MBSR 8-week programs to generate public .
I offer a combination of Mindfulness and embodied ways of leadership, stress reduction for work place(enterprise, government, education and hospitals).
I also run a long-term training program: “Embodied Leadership” for leaders, executive managers, educators, facilitators, coaches etc). As a teacher of both Mindfulness and Dance/Movement, I integrate both into my work and life. I’d be happy to support people in flourishing in life.
I deeply respect the value of Mindfulness and meanwhile feeling it is also deeply rooted in my Chinese culture. My calling is to wake up ones potential wisdom which I strongly believe already lies in our body and soul.