Who am I?

I am a helping professional with a background in Counselling and Educational Psychology. I have over 30 years’ working experiences in mental health and educational fields, serving people with stress, anxiety, depression, OCD and other personal issues like grief, interpersonal difficulties and emotional problems.  In Mindfulness, I have been practising Mindfulness since 2007 and have obtained qualifications in teaching various Mindfulness courses, including MBCT, Mindful Parenting, Mindfulness in Schools, Mindfulness for Cancer etc.  I am the founder of Mindful Living Academy in HK, aiming to promote mental health in the community with mindfulness.

What do I do?

I am working in Hong Kong after returning from overseas 25 years ago. Currently, I am a Counselling Psychologist providing regular services to breast cancer patients in HK Breast Cancer Foundation Service Support Centre and working privately. I am also a part-time lecturer cum Clinical Supervisor in the university. In Mindfulness teaching, I mainly teach MBCT, Mindful Parenting and Mindfulness in School courses regularly for the helping professionals, cancer patients, people with mental health issues, school communities and the general public.