Particular experiences are necessary before you can begin your teacher training journey with the OMC.

Please note that if you can’t answer yes to all of the following questions, you are not currently eligible for the OMC’s teacher training pathway.

1. Do you have a regular personal mindfulness practice?
Regular mindfulness practice is the foundation of good quality teaching. Without it, whatever is taught is not based in an in depth appreciation of mindfulness and compassion. It is best if you have sustained your own mindfulness practice for at least a year before entering the OMC’s teacher training pathway.

2. Have you taken part in a structured 8-week MBCT programme?
Taking such a course develops and deepens personal meditation practice and provides an experience of the course as it is usually delivered. The OMC offers 8-week experiential MBCT courses online, making these courses accessible internationally.  If you are unable to attend any one of our online MBCT courses, you may find a suitable course by going to the ACCESSMBCT or Mindful Directory website. .

3. Do you have knowledge and experience of the group or population to whom you would like to teach MBCT, including experience of teaching, therapy, or other care provision?
This would normally include qualifications that enable you to teach MBCT with the population and within the context in which you plan to teach. For example, for MBCT for depression you would need a qualification in clinical practice and mental health training that includes the use of structured, evidence-based therapeutic approaches (e.g. CBT, interpersonal therapy, behavioural activation) and the knowledge/skills to work with clinical populations.

In some cases, for example teaching to the general public, MBCT teachers may not have a professional qualification. In this case additional training may be required, for example in CBT models and approaches and in mental health awareness. If you have little knowledge or experience of CBT, the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre (OCTC) has short courses e.g. introduction to CBT which can be done face-to-face or online.

4. Do you have skills for working with individuals and facilitating groups?

Please note: If you are interested in applying for the Master of Studies in MBCT programme, additional academic entry criteria apply.

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