OMC Teacher Training is offered in three formats; Modular, 12-Month Cohort & Master's degree

Modular format:

The content of Modular Teacher Training is organized into four modules plus 5 Foundational Workshops:

  • Module 1 (MBCT from the Inside) deepens personal practice of mindfulness and develops a shared understanding of MBCT by guiding you through the course, enabling you to explore your own experiences of the practices and consider how they relate to the role of mindfulness teacher.
  • Module 2 (Developing MBCT Teaching Skills) provides opportunities to practice teaching the curriculum with peers. You will also learn about the intentions underpinning the various elements of the MBCT course and about the structure and sequence of the curriculum.
  • Module 3 (Retreat experience) deepens experiential understanding of mindfulness through a 4-day retreat. It also includes teaching on the Origins of Mindfulness.
  • Module 4 (Further Teaching Skills and Professional Competencies) focuses on further development of teaching skills through continued practice of teaching with peers. Professional competencies, including working with groups, conducting orientation and assessment sessions, evaluating the efficacy of the courses you teach, and ethical issues, are also covered.

Module 1 & 2 – A 7-day training which can be held online (usually once a week for 7 weeks) or in a retreat-like environment over a period of 7 consecutive days.  Module 1 and 2 includes periods of silence interspersed within each training day. It provides direct experience of the MBCT course followed by opportunities to practice teaching elements of MBCT to one another, with supervision from the trainers. It also includes didactic, experiential, and small group work.

Module 3 – A 5-day (4 night) teacher-led training which can be held online or in a retreat-like environment. Module 3 retreat is an extended silent retreat, an invaluable way of deepening the personal practice of mindfulness meditation and is viewed as an indispensable step to becoming an instructor in mindfulness-based approaches including Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). Module 3 represents an opportunity for practitioners with an established meditation practice to deepen their personal experience of mindfulness meditation and to explore its roots as a foundation for teaching others.

Module 4 – A 6-day training which can be held online (usually once a week for 6 weeks) or in a retreat-like environment over a period of 6 consecutive days. Module 4 training involves further teaching on the theory underpinning MBCT, and its adaptations; and learning to teach all the MBCT course elements to small groups with more advanced teach-backs and; beginning to understand the structure and developmental progression of MBCT over 8 weeks and beyond. Learning is informed by greater embodiment developed in previous retreat(s) participants attended (Module 3).  Following Module 4, individual feedback on teaching strengths and areas for skill development will be provided using the Mindfulness-Based Interventions – Teaching Assessment Criteria (MBI-TAC). This will be an informal assessment and does not replace a formal competency assessment.

Foundational Workshops are essential to complete your teacher training

These 5 Workshops are:

  • Origins of Mindfulness
  • Inquiry in MBCT
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Orientation & Assessment, and Ethics
  • Working with Groups in Mindfulness-based Interventions

For those undertaking the modular format; modules and workshops are required to be booked separately.


12 Month Cohort format:

The 12 month cohort training includes all the same content as the modular programme but is structured differently.  This training is a fixed set of dates each year which you join as a cohort (usually 36 each group) and you train together over a period of 12 months, typically this is offered online and attracts a wide range of international participants.  All the workshops and modules are built into the fixed structure ensuring that after the 12 months you will have completed all the steps necessary to begin to apprentice / co-teach.  We usually accept an intake each January and September.

For more information about Teacher Training in the 12 Month Cohort format, click here.

Application Form for Modular and 12-Month Cohort Training

The application form for teacher training can be downloaded here.  Please do not send this form to the OMC team.  This form needs to be downloaded, completed and then submitted as an attachment to a teacher training course application, course dates and application forms can be found here.


Master’s degree format:

The Masters course is taught, part-time, over two years, and is organised into nine teaching blocks and three residential training retreats (usually held in Oxford but online if movement restrictions require). In addition to the taught component, students will need to set aside 6-7 hours per week for private study, personal practice the meditations which are central to the programme, this teacher training route also includes the completion of written assignments. On successful completion of the taught components of the course and associated assignments, the award of the Master’s degree is made by the University of Oxford.

Click here for the academic route (Master of Studies in MBCT).


All our teacher training is designed to:

  • Deepen experiential understanding
  • Deepen theoretical and empirical understanding
  • Enhance teaching and professional skills

To complete any teacher training programme at the OMC, you will need to commit to:

  • Attend all of the training days. Although unexpected circumstances can lead to missing an occasional day, attendance at a minimum of 80% of the training days is essential.
  • Continue a daily formal and informal mindfulness practice.
  • Complete a daily reflective journal of your experiences of personal mindfulness practice.


How do you choose between the different routes?

It is important that you choose a route that will enable you to meet your personal objectives for developing skills and knowledge of MBCT. The entry criteria for the courses are somewhat different, as is the duration of the courses and the costs. The MSt program requires a commitment to the full two-year programme. The non-academic route in the monthly format requires a commitment to the whole of Step 1 (Foundational Training) or about one academic year. The non-academic route offered in the block format will allow you to commit to one block at a time. This may be a good option if you can attend blocks of consecutive training days and are uncertain of whether you are ready to commit to the complete Foundational Training.


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