Upon completion of teacher training, it is supportive for your progression if you can co-teach with an experienced teacher.

What is co-teaching?
• Co-teaching is an opportunity to continue to develop your mindfulness teaching skills with the direct support of an experienced teacher.
• You will attend 8 weekly Mindfulness for Life sessions lasting 2 ¼ hours (2 ½ hours for Session 1) and the practice day online, engaging with the course as a co-teacher.
• This means that, as agreed in advance with the lead teacher on the course, you will lead or support on key practices, exercises and inquiry as part of the 9-session Mindfulness for Life programme, including the practice day.
• To support you in your teaching you will have a total of 10 hours of supervision spread over 10 sessions from the lead teacher, to include both pre-session planning and post-session reflection. Times to be agreed with the lead teacher.

To be eligible to apply for a co-teaching place you must meet 2 or more of the following criteria:

1. Have access to a population and setting in which you intend to teach MBCT
2. Show potential to engage with marginalised or underrepresented communities
3. Be able to support the implementation of MBCT into non-English speaking communities.

In addition, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • You have demonstrated the expected skills and understanding as a trainee teacher by the end of your training programme.
  • You have completed your 12-month teacher training with OMF and have received a confirmation of attendance letter.
  • You have received a letter from your trainers stating that you have reached ‘Advanced Beginner’ level on the MBI:TAC (based on their assessment during your training)
  • You agree to be supervised by the teacher leading the course on which you are co-teaching for the duration of the course.
  • You agree to abide by the OMF teaching Terms & Conditions and the OMF Ethical Standards and Teaching Guidelines
  • You can commit to attending all 8 sessions of the programme and the day of practice

Please note that co-teaching opportunities with the OMF are very limited. This means that not everyone who applies will be given the opportunity to co-teach through the OMF. Please do not rely on this as your only route to obtain a co-teaching opportunity. You may make your own arrangements to co-teach under supervision with another teacher teaching independently of the OMF. If a co-teaching opportunity is not available, you may choose to teach by yourself with weekly supervision. Any of these routes will enable you to apply for a trained teacher certificate.

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