Upon completion of teacher training, it is supportive for your progression if you can apprentice teach with an experienced teacher.

The OMC aims to support current trainees to access apprentice placements, however places are limited and we cannot guarantee opportunities.  To be considered to apprentice teach with the OMC we ask that new teachers have:

  • Completed our Route 2 Teacher Training pathway within the last 12 months
  • Reached Advanced Beginner level, as defined by the MBI:TAC, based on informal assessment of the teaching to peers that occurs in the final stages of our training programme

It is important when seeing an apprenticeship to partner with someone teaching the same curricula you wish to teach e.g Mindfulness for Life, Finding Peace in a Frantic World etc.

An apprenticeship with an OMC co-teacher will include pre-session planning and post-session debriefing for each session. Your apprenticeship co-teacher may also be your formal supervisor, if they are willing and qualified to do so. Otherwise, you will need to find a separate supervisor. Either your co-teacher or your supervisor should be familiar with the MBI:TAC, both as a framework for discussing your skill development and for advising you on your readiness for teacher certification.

You and your apprenticeship co-teacher will decide collaboratively how to structure your apprenticeship experience, depending on your levels of skill and confidence. This may include being a participant-observer, leading selected practices, leading portions of sessions, or leading whole sessions.

If you wish to apply for OMC certification e.g Trained Teacher Certificate or formal Competency Assessment, your apprenticeship co-teacher and/or supervisor will help you determine when you are ready to apply.  To be eligible to apply for either certification, you must have taught at least two courses (Mindfulness for Life or an alternate curriculum trained with the OMC) as an apprentice or under supervision (where apprentice opportunities are not available) and your supervisor must agree to support your application.

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