Deborah Murphy

I manage an Occupational Therapy led prison wing and am keen to have mindfulness and compassion focussed approaches embedded in our culture of care.  I am passionate about widening access to mindfulness in UK prisons and am aiming to further my work in developing a sustainable plan for mindfulness delivery across our healthcare trust.  I sit on the ministry of justice steering group exploring how we take a clear strategy forward for mindfulness delivery in prisons.  I’m keen to keep abreast of the latest findings related to mindfulness and mental health to guide our projects development.  With this year’s theme being focussed around bringing mindfulness to socially excluded groups, I’m keen to learn from and network with others who are exploring the best use of mindfulness in less traditional settings. As an OT I am attempting to develop a theory regarding where mindfulness and OT philosophically and practically support each other.  I am interested in integrating mindfulness to all aspects of the program we deliver.