Annual Gatherings

1st – 4th September 2024 – Oxford

Commencing with a day of practice with David Treleaven, this 2024 annual gathering from the OMF is focused on mindful approaches supporting complex decision making.

The vision for the 2024 gathering is to bring together the mindfulness community and those working in specific areas of challenge on a global scale. The intention is to explore the potential benefits of mindful behaviours and attitudes to key areas of global challenge. The OMF will provide space to explore how mindful behaviours and approaches can support complex decision making and how being inside your individual ‘window of tolerance’ enables you to make decisions from a more solid foundation.  Areas of exploration will focus on complex decision making in terms of sustainability of the planet, times of conflict and decision making around inclusivity.

Event commences with a day of practice with David Treleaven.  Further speakers to be confirmed