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How can you become trained in Mindfulness? What are the central skills, knowledge and attributes of anyone trained in Mindfulness ? Which skills, knowledge and attributes are needed for teaching particular courses, to particular groups and in specific settings?

MBCT was developed by (our Founder) Professor Mark Williams, and his colleagues Zindel Segal in Toronto and John Teasdale in Cambridge. Our mission includes collaboration with the University of Oxford and other leading organisations in the field to develop curricula and train the next generation of MBCT teachers.

The OMF’s training programmes are shaped by the internationally recognized MBCT Training Pathway published in 2018.  We offer several different ways to become an MBCT teacher, that acknowledge your background knowledge, skills and mindfulness practice these routes provide a professional, internationally recognised training. These are intended to suit the varying backgrounds and needs of different people. If you are looking for an academic, credit bearing programme, please visit the University of Oxford Masters programme page.

Please use the navigation panes to the left to decide which route to take, review the pre-requisites, explore further details about the training programmes and the teacher certification and the lifelong recommendations of continuing education.


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