The Oxford Mindfulness Foundation is internationally recognised for mindfulness teaching and training, collaborating with a number of international organisations including the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford since 2007.

At the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation (OMF) our mission is to work globally and collaboratively with colleagues in the mindfulness field to introduce evidence-based mindfulness in all areas of society.

The Oxford Mindfulness Foundation Charity works on an international scale to:

  • Teach – we offer a range of mindfulness courses, taster sessions, keynotes and other engagement activities throughout the year
  • Train – we offer training programmes to become a mindfulness teacher
  • Ongoing Development – we offer a number of continuing development opportunities for mindfulness teachers and also non-teachers who simply wish to learn more
  • Research – we support world leading academic research to review the evidence-base of mindfulness, our collaboration with the Psychiatry Department at the University of Oxford and other academic institutions further supports this area of work
  • Charitable Activities – we actively work to raise funds and redistribute via our charity to contribute to research and make mindfulness accessible to all

As a charitable / not for profit organisation we work to ensure the sustainability of the Foundation’s mission, values, core activities and staff through robust governance, fundraising, financial management and ensuring the resilience and wellbeing of our staff and colleagues.

Our Mission is to improve lives through mindfulness and the practice of being mindful.

Our Vision is a world in which there is universal access to mindfulness and a greater understanding and acceptability of the impact of mindful behaviours.

Our hope is for such mindful behaviours and practice to be integrated into everyday life, with teachers and champions in all areas of society, using mindfulness and mindful approaches to support wellbeing both explicitly (via courses and training) and implicitly (in their everyday work and way of living).

Our Values and Ethos are to embody mindfulness and compassion in all that we do, internally and externally; practising the change we would like to see.

Committed to making mindfulness and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy inclusive and accessible to all (with consideration for ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, gender, socio-economic status, religion, age and ability).

We contribute more by building collaborations, partnerships and networks

Our mission is achieved through research, innovation, training and education. Unique strengths are our connection to the University of Oxford and their world leading scientific research and innovation, the quality of our teaching and training teams and our growing international partnerships and collaborations.