We are committed to working collaboratively with colleagues in the mindfulness field to research and introduce mindfulness to all areas of society, with a view to helping people navigate difficult times and live fuller lives. We are committed to continuing to research, innovate, teach and train to improve lives through mindfulness.

The OMC’s charitable activities are funded by our fundraising efforts as well as our not-for-profit activities. In line with our not-for-profit ethos, all our revenue goes into furthering our mission and meeting our charitable objectives. To make a donation you can access the OMC fund raising page here:


Although all our work is in the service of our mission, we have specifically funded a number of charitable initiatives to improve the accessibility of MBCT for all. Shown below are details of some of the work we have supported.

Accessibility Funds

In line with our charitable aims, when donations allow we aim to grant £25,000 per year to support applications for training, activities or initiatives which widen access to, and participation in, mindfulness. Our grants are given on the expectation of clear impact, outcomes and/or key learnings, and evaluation of impact and/or outcomes.

Read about the projects which received funding in previous years, working with prison workers and inmates, parents, communities in areas of deprivation, young people in care, dementia carers and patients, and refugees.

Making MBCT Resources Available

We try to make as many of our resources freely available to support both MBCT teachers but also those undertaking MBCT courses. This includes our digital mindfulness resources, an up-to-date listing of MBCT resources, as well as making as much of our science open access as possible. The Wellcome Trust has supported much of our science, enabling us to make these resources freely available.

8-week mindfulness courses

We work to try and make MBCT accessible around the world through a range of initiatives.

Mindfulness in the UK Parliament

We funded the programme of mindfulness courses and classes in Parliament for MPs, Peers and their staff since their inception in 2012 through to 2020. More than 160 Parliamentarians and 500 staff have attended these classes, and the programme has inspired similar initiatives in at least 15 other countries, as well as giving rise to the work of the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group that published the Mindful Nation UK report in Westminster in October 2015.

Mindfulness Initiative

We played an instrumental role in supporting the Mindfulness Initiative from inception through to it emergence as an independent organisation in 2018.

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