The OMF are collaborating with Regal Hotels in Hong Kong to bring mindfulness to their customers and communities

The OMF is collaborating with Regal Hotels and their three brands – Regal, Regala, and iClub. In collaboration with the Regal Hotels Wellness Programme, we will introduce mindfulness to their guests as a part of the hotel experience.

Our first offering is free Mindfulness practice sessions delivered by OMF colleagues or those who have trained in our curriculum and collaborate with us:

English practice sessions

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Friday 13:00 – 13:30 pm & 19:00 – 19:30 (UK time)

To join English daily practice sessions click here

汉语练习课 Chinese practice sessions



每週一三五中午12:40-13:00 香港時間







Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12:40-13:00pm HK time

Mindfulness Lunch Break Recovery

Organizer: Wisdom House

WeChat/ Goose Live Streaming

Led by qualified Mindfulness teachers

Viewing method:

Add WeChat info_Huishe, you can follow the live practice on their video number, or join the group and click the link to watch the live broadcast.

Free of charge to anyone who is interested/needs it.


「週一有約」 普通話正念修習

主辦方:正念網路社群之友 MNCF

(Mindfulness Network Community Friends)

每週一下午4.15-4.45 香港時間

由胡慧芳 龐軍 馬嘉瞳老師帶領


Meeting ID: 會議號: 872 0075 7094

Passcode 密碼: 272789

適合一般大眾對修習正念有興趣者 無需事先報名  免費參加


Every Monday 4.15-4.45pm HK time

“Mindfulness Monday”

Organizer: Mindfulness Network Community Friends (MNCF)

Led by Debbie Hu, Pang Jun, Tina Ma

Zoom Conference Room

Meeting ID: Meeting Number: 872 0075 7094

Passcode: 272789

Suitable for the general public interested in practicing mindfulness No prior registration is required.