Brahm Centre in Singapore is a registered charity that promotes happier and healthier living. Launched in 2012, it focuses on empowering individuals to stay physically and mentally well. We are a full member of the National Council of Social Services and an Institution of Public Character.

Brahm has a care management team that is supported by a group of trained volunteers. Working closely with the Agency for Integrated Care, the Ministry of Health, healthcare and education institutions, they provide support to seniors and youths in the form of public education, case management, befriending, counselling and internships. They also work with schools and healthcare partners to raise public awareness of mental-health issues and a wide offering of activities and programs.

Brahm Centre employs more than 60 staff and serves more than 50,000 people through its six centres.

The OMF is collaborating with Brahm Centre to offer MBCT teacher training.