The below directory displays Teachers, Teachers in Training, Trainers and Supervisors who have been trained either by the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation or the University of Oxford.

The curriculum developed by the University of Oxford Mindfulness Research Centre and the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation has been used to train all those listed.  You are able to filter by teaching status, as well as by location. Fully trained teachers are contactable by the email address provided.

For reference, information on each of the stages of teacher training is included below.

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 Ready to teach under supervision (Stage 5) /  Romania

 Received trained teacher certificate (Stage 6) /  Indonesia

I hold a Masters degree in Teaching Mindfulness Based Approaches from Bangor University and am registered to teach with the British Association of Mindfulness Based...

 OMF teaching team, Received trained teacher certificate (Stage 6), Supervisor

 Ready to teach under supervision (Stage 5) /  Portugal

 Ready to teach under supervision (Stage 5) /  Hong Kong

I am a teacher, trainer, and supervisor of Mindfulness-Based Approaches. I began teaching in 2004. I have an MSc in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and a...

 OMF teaching team /  UK

 Ready to teach under supervision (Stage 5) /  UK

I am the Development Director – Training and Curricula for the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation (OMF). I am also a member of the University of Oxford...

 OMF teaching team, Received Competency Assessment (Stage 6), Supervisor /  UK

 Ready to teach under supervision (Stage 5) /  Hong Kong

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