Please find below some of the FAQ's that may help answer your question. Questions on specific events can be found on the Event page.

I am interested in/working with mindfulness. Can I visit the Centre?

Unfortunately, the centre is not open to visitors. We are a research based institution so most of what we do is office work. The mindfulness courses we offer take place in venues across Oxford; however people are unable to sit in for training or general interest.

I have an opportunity for the OMC to participate in some media/interview/PR. Who can I speak to?

The OMC is a small team of researchers and teachers/trainers, who may be available for interviews. We do encourage enquiries, however due to our size it might be difficult to find an immediate response. Please use our contact form and we will be in touch as quickly as possible.

I would like to do a sabbatical or be a visiting student at the OMC

Unfortunately we have a relatively small core team and are not often able to support sabbatical visitors or visiting students. Where opportunities are available we advertise these on our website and through social media.

Does the OMC offer discounts/bursaries for its courses?

We are not currently able to offer discounts or bursaries for our courses. The Oxford Mindfulness Centre is itself a charity and all revenue is reinvested in our charitable objectives. Whilst we try to ensure that our events are as accessible as possible, we do need to ensure we cover our costs. Our fund raising group is actively seeking to raise funds to provide more bursaries. If we are successful we will make this known on our website.

I would like to undertake graduate study at the OMC – How do I go about it? 

The Oxford Mindfulness Centre does not administer postgraduate funding or admit graduate students directly and all graduate students studying for DPhils (PhDs) or MRes degrees with our researchers are admitted through the standard University of Oxford, Department of Psychiatry graduate admissions process. More details of the application and admission process and funding opportunities for postgraduate study at the Department of Psychiatry can be found here: As we are a small team, with only a few researchers who undertake postgraduate supervision, we typically limit supervision to students whose research aligns closely with our core research programmes and charitable objectives. If you would like to find out more about our research please look at our research pages where you will find more information about our current programmes and recent publications from the group.

Who works at the centre? Who are the teachers and trainers?

Please refer to our People page for information on who works at the Centre.

How do I find the Oxford Mindfulness Centre?

Please refer to the Contact Us page for details including a map and an address. We will send detailed travel information when you sign up to one of our courses.

How can I work/volunteer at the centre?

We do sometimes have vacancies for volunteers able to offer event support, undertake administrative work and assist with our website. When these and other vacancies arise they are advertised on the news pages of the website.

What should I do if I have a concern or complaint regarding the OMC?

Please read our Complaints Procedure.