Please find below some of the FAQ's and policies and procedures that may help answer your question. Questions on specific events can be found on the Event page.

I am interested in/working with mindfulness. Can I visit you?

We do not have one main centre, we are an internationally supported organisation and our various locations are not open to visitors.

I have an opportunity for the OMF to participate in some media/interview/PR. Who can I speak to?

The OMF is a small team of researchers and teachers/trainers, who may be available for interviews. We do encourage enquiries, however due to our size it might be difficult to find an immediate response. Please email us at and we will be in touch as quickly as possible.

I would like to do a sabbatical or be a visiting student at the OMF

As a relatively small core team we have minimal resources to support sabbatical visitors or visiting students, please do email us with any queries.

Does the OMF offer discounts/bursaries for its courses?

The Oxford Mindfulness Foundation is itself a charity and all revenue is reinvested in our charitable objectives. Whilst we try to ensure that our events are as accessible as possible, we do need to ensure we cover our costs. We have various fee options on most of our events to enable you to pick a reduced rate if you need financial support.

Who works at the OMF? Who are the teachers and trainers?

Please refer to our People page for information on who works with us.

How can I work/volunteer at with the OMF?

We do sometimes have vacancies for volunteers able to offer event support, undertake administrative work and assist with our website. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.

Policies when engaging with the OMF