Annual Gathering 2024

1st September 2024 – OMF Trained Teachers Gathering

2nd, 3rd & 4th September 2024 – Day of Practice and Annual Gathering

5th September 2024 – Workshop with Dan Seigel

Booking information (links below):

The OMF Trained Teachers Gathering (01/09/2024) requires a separate booking

The Day of Practice and Annual Gathering (02/09 – 04/04/2024) are booked as a package

The Workshop with Dan Seigel (01/09/2024) requires a separate booking

Sunday 1st September 2023

OMF Trained Teachers Gathering Day. An opportunity for all those who have trained with the OMF over the years to re-connect in person with fellow trainees and teachers and the OMF team.  International partnerships will be represented, Sharon Hadley (OMF Chief Executive) will share information about how to increase collaborations and be supported by the OMF.

Monday 2nd September 2023

A Day of Practice with David Treleven and Alison Yiangou


Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th September 2023

Two days of presentations and discussions focusing on mindful behaviours and complex decision making.  These days will bring together the mindfulness community and those working in specific areas of challenge on a global scale. The intention is to explore the potential benefits of mindful behaviours and attitudes to key areas of global challenge. The OMF will provide space to explore how mindful behaviours and approaches can support complex decision making and how being inside your individual ‘window of tolerance’ enables you to make decisions from a more solid foundation.  Areas of exploration will focus on complex decision making in terms of:

  1. Sustainability of the planet
  2. Times of conflict
  3. Population displacement

Sustainability of the planet – Chaired by Poman Lo

Poman Lo is the Vice Chairman of Century City International Holdings Limited and Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Regal Hotels Group. Founded in 1979, Regal Hotels is one of the largest hotel operators headquartered in Hong Kong operating over 8,000 rooms and 60 restaurants and bars across Hong Kong, mainland China, the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal. Poman is the Founding Managing Partner of AlphaGreen Capital, an Asia-focused sustainable technology fund.

Poman serves as an Adjunct Professor teaching sustainable business management and impact investing at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and The University of Hong Kong. She founded the non-profit Institute of Sustainability and Technology with a mission to nurture the next generation of ESG talent through executive education and advance the sustainability agenda through interdisciplinary research and international conferences.

Poman has been officially appointed as Member of Chief Executive’s Policy Unit Expert Group, Member of the Green Technology and Finance Development Committee, Member of the Curriculum Development Council Standing Committee on Values Education, Council Member of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and also serves as the Honorary President of Hong Kong Federation of Women. As a global champion of Sustainable development, Poman takes an active leadership role at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP). She was appointed Co-Chair of the ESBN Finance Task Force and member of the Executive Committee of ESBN, and serves as Chair of the Asia Pacific Business Forum Organizing Committee and Chair of Asia Pacific Green Deal for Business Committee.

In 2015, she became the first female Asian recipient of the Oslo Business for Peace Award by the Business for Peace Foundation in Norway, which recognizes business leaders who strive to improve society by creating value for all stakeholders in an ethical and responsible way.

Supported by the OMF team, further guest speakers and panel hosts are to be confirmed shortly

Thursday 5th September 2023

Workshop with Dan Siegel – Our own inner experience and patterns of interacting with the world.

09:00 – 17:00 – Oxford

Dan will explore how our attention drives this energy of life inward, outward or dyadically as both will shape the kinds of strategies we will construct to handle life’s challenges.  During this workshop Dan will share his thoughts on “knowing thyself”, a lifelong invitation to learn more about your own inner experience and patterns of interacting with the world.

Dr. Dan Siegel

Dan’s unique ability to make complicated scientific concepts easy to understand and exciting has led him to be invited to address diverse local, national and international groups of mental health professionals, neuroscientists, corporate leaders, educators, parents, public administrators, healthcare providers, policy-makers, and clergy.

He has been invited to lecture for the King of Thailand, Pope John Paul II, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Nike and the Parliaments of the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Ireland.