This part of the website takes you through to the University of Oxford Mindfulness Research Centre, where you can read information about the research we support.

If it seems a bit dry and academic, don’t be put off – you don’t need to know any of this to sign up for one of our mindfulness courses – they are designed to be friendly and accessible to all. But even the briefest glance at this section of the website should give you confidence, if you need it, that our courses are carefully designed and based on the best available evidence published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Think of this section of our website as a library where you can investigate the kind of research the OMF supports.

There is also a regularly updated resource list of all the evidence for the courses we offer, facts and figures about mindfulness and mental health, essays from academic journals, and websites. Check it out here to find out more. This is a way of exploring mindfulness further if you are curious and the mood takes you…

Visit the University of Oxford Mindfulness Team Research Page