Online - Inquiry in MBCT - Teacher Workshop Monday 09:00 - 17:00 UK TIME

Online Course

01/11/2021 - 01/11/2021

09:00 - 17:00

From £100.00

Jo Cromarty

Course Description

Inquiry skills are often perceived as the most difficult teaching skills to learn, yet periods of inquiry in MBCT sessions have great potential for enhancing participants' learning. Inquiry is sometimes described as a crucible where participants' learning history, current concerns, and experiences during mindfulness practices combine with the teacher's embodiment of mindfulness, understanding of MBCT theory, and relational skills to enable learning that is potentially transformational. This foundational masterclass will demystify this process through a variety of teaching methods. Topics include: The purposes and intentions of inquiry How understanding conceptual underpinnings of MBCT facilitates skilful inquiry. These underpinnings include: The four elements of inner experience (thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and urges/ impulses) The vicious flower conceptualization of reactivity The sequence of the eight sessions and the implications of this sequence for how inquiry is managed throughout the course Layers of inquiry, including: Direct experience Reactions to or relationship with direct experience Learning points: Consideration of patterns - common to all or particular to the individual Invitations to notice, explore, experiment What and how of skilful inquiry Exploring what to say and how to say it The importance of the teacher's embodiment of mindfulness, supported by ongoing practice, that facilitates bringing particular attitudes to the inquiry process: Genuine openness and curiosity about participants' experiences Warmth, kindness, and compassion towards participants and themselves Willingness to trust the process and allow learning to emerge without striving or forcing Balancing this with clarity about the intentions of each session and each practice Teaching methods for this day will include presentation, discussion, viewing of video clips, practice of inquiry skills with peers, and contemplation and discussion of what has been learned.

Entry Requirements / Who is the course for?

This workshop is required for trainees on the OMC’s teacher training pathway and should be completed after Modules 1 and 2 and before Module 4.

·       This workshop is also open to trained MBCT teachers who would like to spend a day working with inquiry skills, and to teachers of other evidence-based mindfulness programmes who would like to learn more about how inquiry is conducted in MBCT.

·       If you are a trainee teacher on a pathway outside of the OMC, you are welcome at this workshop if you have completed some elements of your teacher training.

·       Please do not sign up for this workshop if your only experience with MBCT is participating in an 8-week course.