In January 2023, we are launching our new annual fundraising campaign. We are all acutely aware of the rising cost of living and the difficulties this has caused and continues to cause for many. We believe in the potential of mindfulness to support in such circumstances but know that these very financial difficulties can make our courses and trainings inaccessible.

Throughout 2023, we will be inviting people to donate, where they can, to enable others to benefit from mindfulness. We have set ourselves the target of offering 500 bursary places on our learn courses, and 48 bursary places on our teacher training. We believe that this will not only support those individuals, but radiate outwards into society through the changed behaviours that participants learn and exhibit, and the courses newly trained teachers will be able to run in future.

We hope that you might feel able to share and support our campaign, and that you will enjoy watching our fundraising target trackers on our website as they power their way up to our goals.

With huge appreciation for all you do to support the OMF and the communities around the globe.

Sharon Hadley, CEO – Oxford Mindfulness Foundation



500 places
Halfway there!
5 places
48 places
Halfway there!
0 places

If you have a preference on how we use your donation with these two campaigns please email us after making a donation.  Otherwise we will allocate to the projects as the donation amounts allow. Thank you again for your support.