Esther Elize

Online Course Administrator

Based in North Wales I have experience in many administrative roles. I was a former HR Coordinator, and my previous experience was with the Police, Council, NHS and a popular Football Club. I take care of the...

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Gemma Lush

Training Programmes Administrator

I have previous administrative experience from the health, education, and travel sectors, and am now the administrator responsible for Learn and Teach events at the OMF. I take care of administration relating to the 12-month Teacher Training Programme, international...

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Makeda McKenzie

Teacher, Trainer and Zoom Driver

Based in Trinidad & Tobago, I am a former human resource professional and the present-day founder and principal consultant of the Caribbean Mindfulness Institute (CMI). After my own experience with workplace burnout and chronic stress, and having benefited tremendously from the mindfulness-based stress...

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Kit Turner

Zoom Driver

I am a Life Coach and QEC Practitioner based in France and the UK. I studied with the Mindfulness Coaching School in the US and use both mindfulness and traditional coaching techniques with my clients to support change in their lives. Before becoming a coach I was a Project Manager working in the Arts and...

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Per Norrgren

Teacher, Supervisor, Mentor and IT Support

Until 2009, I was an IT executive managing services and delivery of large projects around Europe. However, the stress of the role led me to MBCT and I discovered for myself the huge benefits of mindfulness to transform my life both personally and professionally. After training to teach MBSR and MBCT in...

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Jo Edwards

Operations Co-ordinator

My background includes working with young people in schools also with 16-18s in Sixth Form,  as well as in the charity sector with vulnerable adults in Social Services care and Surrey Appropriate Adult Service, supporting vulnerable people in police custody. After some years of working in the public...

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Eleanor Dobson Gomez

Assistant to CEO and Programme Administrator

I am the Assistant to the CEO and Programme Administrator supporting a range of programmes at the OMF. I am the first point of contact for students and members of the public who are interested in attending our programmes. I deal with routine enquiries and support...

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Philippa Pearce

Finance & HR Officer

I’m based in the North Wales area and have an extensive administration background working mainly within the NHS in Primary Care Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups. I take care of anything Finance and HR related, including processing and paying invoices, issuing refunds, arranging payment...

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