Eirini Errika Vasilaki

 Received trained teacher certificate (Stage 6)

  • Listing ID: 13788
  • Languages: Greek, English
  • Teaching Setting: Healthcare, workplace, education, community
  • Biography: I work as a licensed psychologist, MSc., PhD., in clinical and community mental health services for the last thirty years. I have been trained as a cognitive therapist. I offer counselling, therapy and supervision. I run stress management groups and psychoeducation seminars and workshops on stress and coping in workplace, clinical, educational, and community settings. My experience with stress and coping research and practice has led me to mindfulness, as a way of living and a holistic approach towards cultivating health resources, resilience and wellbeing. I feel dedicated to spreading the seeds of mindfulness at the service of prevention and growth on the island of Crete, where I live and work.
  • Curriculum: MBCT-L, MBCT-D, FPFW, Introducing Mindfulness