Kaori Sugiura

 Received trained teacher certificate (Stage 6)

  • Listing ID: 13561
  • Languages: Japanese, English
  • Teaching Setting: General public, Workplaces
  • Biography: I am a mindfulness practitioner and teacher whose mindfulness journey started in 2007 when I didn't even know the word "mindfulness." Later I came to know about MBCT which clearly explained why my mindfulness practices helped me and transformed my life. I wanted to become a mindfulness teacher for general public simply because I know it works and I believe it will benefit many people. I know from my experience how it can be useful and helpful for us to realize the life we have is much richer than we think and to go through difficult times which are inevitable in our life.
  • Curriculum: Mindfulness for Life, Introducing Mindfulness, Finding Peace in a Frantic World
Contact details

Japan kaori_sugi@hotmail.com