Marie Johansson

 OMF teaching team, Received Competency Assessment (Stage 6), Supervisor

I am a Mindfulness (MBCT) Teacher, Trainer and Supervisor. I first met Professor Mark Williams in 2006, and began my training as an MBCT Teacher. I was subsequently invited to join Mark’s team and became involved in developing the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC). I worked initially as part of the research team, delivering the 8-week MBCT courses to patients with recurring depression, and in 2011 initiated the delivery of the courses to the general population.

Alongside this, I was also responsible for managing the training of clinicians, within the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. I have continued to offer Mindfulness supervision in various Health Services in the UK.  Having left my post at the OMC (now OMF) in August 2020, I now work entirely freelance, much of it still for the OMF. I can be contacted on my OMF email or my private email address

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