Sophie Broyé McIntosh

 Received trained teacher certificate (Stage 6)


Sophie is a trauma-informed mindfulness teacher working with the general public, but also with communities close to her heart: education (teachers and students) and military personnel and their families. 

She has a lifelong passion for teaching. She has been a very skilled modern languages teacher in secondary education for over 25 years, she is also a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy for CCF and a ‘dynamic’ mindfulness teacher. 

About 13 years ago, she suffered some health issues which weren’t life threatening, but certainly life changing. This made her realise that only focusing on fixing the physical parts of an illness wasn’t enough to regain a meaningful and fulfilling life. Practising and teaching mindfulness has profoundly changed her life both personally and professionally. 

Now, Sophie is passionate about teaching mindfulness and how it can support people to make their own path in the face of life’s challenges with greater ease and resilience. She wants to help them rediscover the simple beautiful joy of being alive! 

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  • Listing ID: 13508
  • Languages: English, French
  • Teaching Setting: General public, education, and military
  • Curriculum: Introduction to Mindfulness, MBCT(L), Finding Peace in a Frantic World
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