Tessa Watt

 OMF teaching team, Received trained teacher certificate (Stage 6)

Who am I?
I specialize in mindfulness in the workplace, working as a lead trainer and advisor for large global organisations. I am trained in MBSR/ MBCT which I have taught to the general public since 2009.  I was co-chair of the Workplace strand of the Mindful Nation UK inquiry and teach mindfulness in the UK Parliament.  My books include Mindfulness (Icon)  and Mindful London (Virgin). I have a PhD in History from Cambridge University, have taught on the MA Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS,  and have practiced mindfulness for 30 years.

What do I do?
I am the lead trainer for mindfulness in the Houses of Parliament, and teach advanced ‘Mindfulness Champions’ training in leading workplaces.  I have advised the OMC on issues relating to the workplace, such as developing a series of masterclasses in workplace mindfulness.  I’m especially interested in helping transform workplaces into healthy human ecosystems, and how mindfulness can realise its full potential beyond beginner courses as a transformative path over the course of a lifetime.

For more information on Tessa’s work with the OMF, please see here: https://www.oxfordmindfulness.org/people/tessa-watt/

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Contact details

UK tessa.watt@awaris.com