Winnie Lee Lau Wing Ying



  • Listing ID: 12910
  • Languages: Chinese, English
  • Teaching Setting: Health settings, NGOs, Schools, Workplaces
  • Biography: I am a Registered Counselling and Educational Psychologist and have been working in the field for over 30 years. I am also a Certified Supervisor in Psychological Counselling and I have been supervising practicing counsellors for over 10 years, on various psychotherapeutic approaches, including Mindfulness-Based Interventions in psychotherapy. I started learning Mindfulness as early as 2007 and have completed various Mindfulness Training Courses including MBCT, MBSR, Mindful Parenting, Mindfulness in Schools, MBCT-C and MBCT-L over the years. After completing teachers’ training course in teaching MBCT, MBCT-C and MBCT-L, MBSR and Mindful Parenting, I have been teaching these courses regularly in health settings, NGOs, schools, workplaces and in the community since 2016. I have joined the Mindfulness Network as a Supervisor and have been supervising new teachers in MBCT, MBCT-L teaching since completion of the Mindfulness-Based Supervision Training in 2020.
  • Curriculum: MBCT, Mindfulness for Life, MBCT-Cancer