Wong Hang Wah Emilia

 Received trained teacher certificate (Stage 6)

  • Listing ID: 14526
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Cantonese
  • Teaching Setting: Public, education, NGO, and workplace settings
  • Biography: I am a mindfulness teacher with a special interest in providing mindfulness training in educational, NGO, and commercial workplace settings. With the OMF, I teach the MBCT-L and Introducing Mindfulness programs in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Additionally, I offer mindfulness courses and workshops for children, parents, and the elderly. I hold a Master's degree in Buddhist Studies from Hong Kong University. My career background encompasses business and marketing consulting, leadership development, and executive coaching. Personally, I am passionate about sustaining and deepening my own mindfulness practice. I find great inspiration in the compassion displayed by those who have participated in my mindfulness courses, retreats, and trainings.
  • Curriculum: Mindfulness for Life, Introducing Mindfulness
Contact details

Hong Kong wongew@hotmail.com