Train to Introduce Mindfulness

Train to Introduce Mindfulness

If you are looking to professionally introduce mindfulness but don’t want to teach full 8-week courses, then the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation’s new ‘Train to Introduce’ programme could be just what you are looking for!

Tackling the question “How can we globally and collaboratively support colleagues in the field to introduce evidence-based mindfulness, in all areas of society, in easy and accessible ways.”, the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation brought together experts in the field to design a new 10-day mindfulness training to address this challenge.

The Train to Introduce Mindfulness programme equips participants to deliver the Introducing Mindfulness (IM) curriculum. By participating in this training, individuals will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to teach the 3-session IM curriculum as well as deliver talks and drop-in sessions to skillfully introduce mindfulness to a range of contexts and sectors.

This new training is shorter in duration than our 12-month programme as participants train to introduce a 3 x 1 hour session curriculum. It has been carefully designed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of mindfulness and supports professionals to offer mindfulness in a safe and ethical ways. Through interactive sessions, practical exercises, teacher feedback and opportunities to guide others, trainees will learn various techniques and practices that can be incorporated into their daily lives as well as introduced to others.  During the training, participants will also develop their sense of self-awareness, compassion and resilience.

We have seen an interest in mindfulness from a range of sectors such as corporate, education, hospitality, the arts, finance, legal, IT, sales and beauty sectors.  In offering this training, we hope to enable individuals who are passionate about introducing mindfulness to do so, by providing structured support with a short accessible curriculum.

We are excited about this new offering and look forward to seeing how this can support increasing interest in mindfulness.

Warm regards,

Patrick and Leonie – Introducing Mindfulness teachers and trainers

Sharon Hadley – Chief Executive Officer, Oxford Mindfulness Foundation


For more information on the short 3-session course used in this training, please visit HERE

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