Weekly Update 16th September

Weekly Update 16th September

Welcome to this week’s update: a summary of everything we’ve shared on social media throughout the week.


Week commencing 18th September 2023


If you are a trained mindfulness teacher interested in teaching the Introducing Mindfulness curriculum, this one-day workshop could be for you.


“This has been for me nourishing, enlightening, thought-provoking. It helps to make sense of my world. It has been an immensely profound experience, more deeply affecting and transforming. My appreciation of how to live in the present and how to live my life with a full richness of experience has only just begun. I cannot recommend this course highly enough – it is for anyone and everyone… I have learnt skills for life.”

Interested in joining a Mindfulness for Life course? You can find details of our upcoming courses by clicking the link below.


We are sharing recent research, with thanks to academics in the field. Pregnancy and childbirth represent a sequence of challenging events, and adaptive coping strategies are necessary to maintain emotional wellbeing. The present study aimed to assess the effectiveness of applying a mindfulness-based intervention (MBI) for pregnant Saudi women with anxiety in the third trimester.

Read more by clicking the link below. The research and reporting in this article are independent of the OMF.


Next week, discover the profound intersection of mindfulness and trauma resilience in this engaging three-hour webinar on Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness. Led by esteemed expert David Treleaven, you’ll delve into the art of creating safe, empowering mindfulness spaces for all. Whether you’re a mindfulness practitioner, therapist, educator, or simply curious about this transformative field, this webinar promises valuable insights, practical tools, and newfound perspectives.


Reminder to join us in Oxford for a gathering in Autumn 2023. Specifically designed to support those who are training or have trained with us over the last 3-5 years. We will be providing updates on our work, launching our new members programme and facilitating space for practice, reflection and socialising with fellow trainees, teachers, and trainers.